Toronto, ON – March 12, 2021 – Today, multitalented Toronto-based artist, Jesse Maxwell, announces his next project, Hellion, will be releasing May 7 – almost one year after his 2020 debut album release of Radio Silence. Hellion sees Maxwell experimenting with various soundscapes and moods, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the six-track collection, building upon his talents debuted on Radio Silence, and highlights all that Maxwell is capable of. Additionally, new single, I’ll Make You, is available today accompanied by a live video featuring Maxwell and his band.

“I'm so excited to announce my new ep titled, Hellion, that will be releasing on May 7, 2021. This 6-song ep crosses over different genres, moods and styles which is how I like to create – I never want any two songs to sound the same,” Maxwell shares. “What’s amazing to me is that we made this EP without spending a dime – me and my co-producer, Andres, did all the production, recording, mixing and sound engineering, which is a goal we had for ourselves and I couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome. While you listen to this project, I hope you feel that intimacy that I tried to create on the songs, bringing you into the home studio we created it in.”

Whether it’s the smooth and sultry harmonies in Smoke & Mirrors, the introspective lyrics in Undone, or the subtle bouncy groove in One Time, Hellion is a testament to Maxwell’s versatility as a songwriter and producer. Being classically trained and having a natural poetic talent with writing lyrics, Maxwell offers an ambient and captivating collection of music that effortlessly pulls the listener in for more. I’ll Make You explores the topics of materialism and the superficiality of using something like high end brands to attract someone’s love and attention. Throughout the track Maxwell is convincing this person that materials won’t satisfy their needs, but he can offer something deeper that they can feel.

On I’ll Make You, Jesse says,“I wrote the lyrics of this song a couple years ago, while I was living in Brooklyn, NY. As songs do at times, this one took many different forms instrumentally, it wasn't until me and my co-producer, Andres, were sitting in my basement he was showing me an instrumental he made that sparked my interest. From there, we recomposed and restructured it as it evolved into the final form of I'll Make You.”

A deep and lyrical storyteller, distinctive in his own brand of Pop, Alternative R&B and Soul, Jesse Maxwell, has morphed into a prolific singer/songwriter/producer of his own making. Maxwell started releasing music in 2019, with his debut album, Radio Silence, released in May of 2020 on Trans Phatt Records. Radio Silence is a unique, genre-bending eclectic collection of nine songs, that has garnered early interest on SiriusXM and racked up over 200,000 Spotify streams. Listeners fell in love with Maxwell’s individuality and fresh take on Pop and Alternative R&B.

Stay tuned for more to come from Maxwell as his release for Hellion is fast approaching.

Hellion Tracklist:
1. Smoke & Mirrors
2. Stand Still
3. One Time
4. I’ll Make You
5. Undone
6. Evergreen

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