Toronto, ON – May 22, 2020 – Today, multitalented Toronto breakthrough artist, Jesse Maxwell, releases his highly anticipated debut album, Radio Silence, via Trans Phatt Records.

"I am excited to be releasing my debut album, Radio Silence, an integrated compilation of multi-genre original work,” says Jesse. “This project has been a long time in the making and showcases some of my best early material as an artist. I am proud that I, along with the people who were instrumental in this process, worked tirelessly and harmoniously to create this immersive experience of an album. This album is very special to me and marks the first of many albums to come in the future. I hope you enjoy Radio Silence.”

Taking the lead on all of the album’s song writing, Jesse effortlessly blends his own brand of pop, RnB, neo-soul, jazz and blues into his music. The album digs deep and represents an internal dialogue that any listener can relate to in some way. The concept of the album title is derived from the idea of going "radio silent" to a person’s surroundings and reflecting on their thoughts – having those internal conversations with one’s self. Previously released single, Room In Hell, dives deep into his past inner struggles with addiction, and focuses on his time spent in rehab. The lyrics speak of the first time he called a rehab facility, sharing a raw description of how he felt and what he was going through at the time. This track is a prime example of Jesse’s ability to bring his experiences to life with his musical talents.

Recently, Jesse performed a physically distanced concert outside of the Cheltenham Care Community retirement home with the music being amplified and residents enjoyed listening through their windows. During this time, the residents have not been able to have visitors, making their quarantine experience increasingly lonely and Jesse expressed how he feels performing for these residents is incredibly important: “Music in general makes people feel good but especially at this time it is so important to make sure the people and the staff who are working so hard are given a moment to breathe and ground themselves through this.”  Watch a clip of the performance here.

On Sunday June 7 Jesse will be performing in support of the Canadian Music Therapy Fund’s Song Session For The Frontlines livestream hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos. Artists will have the opportunity to share music and thoughts to connect and heal through the power of music virtually with this touching initiative.

Jesse began his relationship with music at age six when he was learning to play the piano and went on to complete 10 years of classical training and music theory at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. Over his many years of experience, he has honed his skills as a writer, lyricist and musician. During his time spent in Brooklyn, NYC where he attended the Institute of Culinary Education, Jesse was the frontman of the band Queens County Roots and this was but one of his many musical journeys. Since returning to Toronto he has become part of the Trans Phatt Records label and released three tracks in 2019 with them including; BladeLife on the Rocks and Colossal – all while working on his nine track debut album Radio Silence.

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