Toronto, ON – March 13, 2020 – Today multitalented Toronto breakthrough artist, Jesse Maxwell, releases his newest single, Average. This is the first piece of music Jesse has shared in 2020 and is off his upcoming debut album, Radio Silence, set to drop on May 8 via Trans Phatt Records.

"It's funny. I wrote Average in less than 30 minutes, and when I first made it I thought it was just alright but everybody loved it and I couldn't understand why,” Jesse reflects. “People connect heavily with honest emotion, without the clutter of complex word play or grandiose ideas; there is power in simplicity. In a way, I connect more with the subject that the character is singing about, rather than the character itself. I forget at times that what I'm doing and who I am is good enough, and there doesn't always have to be more to realize the value in what is already there."

Average sets the bar for what is next to come from Jesse with the release of his debut album. and will have fans anticipating the full release. Radio Silence was produced by Jesse and fellow Trans Phatt Records label artists, Astral22 and TopNachBeats. Much like all his other songs, Jesse wrote Average himself and is but one example of how he blends his own brand of pop, RnB, neo-soul, jazz and blues into his music. The album digs deep and represents an internal dialogue that any listener can relate to in some way. The concept of the album title is derived from the idea of going "radio silent" to a person’s surroundings and reflecting on their thoughts – having those internal conversations with one’s self.

"I wrote this album while I was living in Brooklyn,” says Jesse of Radio Silence. “I was in quite a lonely place at times, moving to a city where I didn't know anyone and about two years sober with a hyperactive mind, so I started writing music. Music was and is the only thing that can really shut the world out for a second and I can think – which originally led to the idea for the title "Radio Silence". This album is everything to me and the many different genres on this album allows every song to have its own identity – all the while keeping the album cohesive in the esthetic. This album is the "internal dialogue": honest, vulnerable, open, introspective, manic, obsessive, flawed, loving, egotistic, lost – all by-products of being human."

In 2019 Jesse released three singles with Trans Phatt Records – Blade, Life on the Rocks and Colossalall while working on his nine track debut album. In addition to Average, these three tracks give listeners a taste of how Jesse genre blends between pop, RnB, neo-soul, jazz and blues – making for a varied album to look forward to. Stay tuned for more news to come on Jesse in the next few weeks!

1. Average
2. Nefertiti
3. Temple
4. Barred Up Windows
5. Whatever We Call This
6. You're Better
7. Radio Silence (Interlude)
8. Room In Hell
9. Chain Smoking

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