Toronto, ON – September 24, 2020 –  Jamaican-born Toronto-based Hip-Hop/Dancehall trailblazer, Lexxicon, continues to celebrate his new EP, Tropical R&B

Today, he highlights an important lesson on Trust – the title of his single featuring Kris Hans –with a video filmed in Toronto. Directed by Lexxicon and Nika, the video’s theme builds on the song’s idea of trust being lacking in those you care about the most. Watch it here and listen to Tropical R&B here.  

“Often time friends, family members and partners have an expectation of love and a certain level of care that is not always reciprocated which can be frustrating. The video goes in and out of focus and color through black and white just to represent the uncertainty and the rollercoaster of what trust is and can be, it's fluid and ever changing and either getting stronger or weaker as time and days go on,” Lexxicon says. “We all know how important trust is in any type of relationship when it's not there it can be an isolating feeling of doubt and speculation. However, this song can get people to reflect on their actions to see if they are that person that’s not showing love back or if they are the one always giving it out.

Tropical R&B arrived with Lexxicon delivering an exclusive live performance of the song on  CityTV’s Breakfast Television Toronto, with an interview for eTalk, and a visual for Doing To Me (featuring Alliston Davis), premieringat V13. The EP was produced by Dominican Republic-born, Ontario-based, Eber

Tropical R&B follows Lexxicon’s acclaimed Bashment Trap House, released on January 31, 2020. With Tropical R&B,  Lexxicon set out to create an R&B record that infuses his dancehall roots. Themes highlight the desire to escape reality, the world, and negative feelings. The futuristic cover art seen above reflects this as it is an image of a gateway to another world. Lyrics explore loneliness, craving belonging and acceptance, and using intimate connections a temporary means of relief. 

“Despite trying to runway, it seems no matter where you go, we always take our human nature with us which eventually leads to the same results of isolation and pain,” Lexxicon says of the project. “Meaning while living we can never truly escape but must instead learn to live with pain and the love simultaneously. Welcome to the moody body of work called Tropical R&B.”

About Lexxicon
Jamaican-Canadian musical artist, Lexxicon is the definition of passion and persistence. It is almost impossible for an audience to not become consumed by the intense energy that radiates through his music and the long-lasting impression of his dynamic live performances. With music that sounds like a crossbreed between PartyNextDoor and Swae Lee merged with a strong artistic vision, to push the boundaries of the industry, Lexxicon is quickly rising through the ranks to become a household name.  

By his early teenage years, Lexxicon had lived in Birmingham, England and New York City, U.S.A before settling in Toronto, Canada where he truly began honing his skills and natural talent as a professional recording artist. With connections to some of the most renowned music cities of the world, Lexxicon is known for blending his Jamaican roots with some quintessential mainstream sounds of the time, namely: R&B/Hip-Hop and Afrobeats. His ability to seamlessly fuse elements from multiple genres has led him to write and release a myriad of catchy, up-tempo tracks as reflected in projects such as: Bashment Trap House and Bashment Reggaeton. Finding inspiration in the works of established artists such as Sean Paul, Stefflon Don, Tory Lanez and Wizkid, Lexxicon hopes to champion the Tropical R&B genre with his upcoming projects and create a similar imprint on the international music scene.  

With an energetic, engaging and explosive stage presence like no other, it is no wonder that Lexxicon has graced some of the most prestigious stages in and around Toronto such as, Afro Fest, Kothu Fest, Canadian Music Week, T-Dot Fest and Culture Shock Block Party. His growing presence in the Toronto arts community has garnered the attention of music lovers, peers and press alike. Lexxicon’s inspiring rise as an artist has been captured with interviews featured on CBC Radio, Sauga 960am program, New Theory Radio, We Love Hip Hop, Studio01, Global 640 am’s kultur’d podcast, The Ryersonian, and the Halifax, NS-based Art Pays Me podcast. He has also been featured in media outlets such as Exclaim, Canadian Beats, Cashbox Canada, NOW Magazine, Pure Grain Audio and FYI Music News.

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