“It’s pop chic with a lot of tailoring, elegant art that takes you
 further than the first stopover.” – 
PAN M 360

“Le Couleur have never shied away from big glamorous songs, but Concorde shows the band at their most ambitious, both in sound and in storytelling.” – Exclaim!

“On Concorde, Le Couleur have achieved the often difficult to pin down goal of bridging an old-school, largely by-gone genre of music like disco into the 21st century by applying modern production techniques and motifs” – Canadian Beats

Toronto, ON – September 24, 2020 – Following the successful release of their stunning new album, Concorde, Montréal’s Le Couleur shares a video for their single, SilenzioThe video was directed by Ariel Poupart, who was at the helm for the cinematic visual highlighting the project’s title track, Concorde. On Silenzio, the beat picks up, and flanged guitars take center stage. Silenzio is about death on the prowl, depicted as a mafia betrayal that ends with "il bacio della morte" (the kiss of death). Watch it here and listen to Concorde here

On the visual, Director Ariel Poupart says: “For Silenzio, we wanted to recreate the cabaret atmosphere of gangster films to match the song's lyrics. We also went for the colour palettes and textures of Giallo films, that is to say the very saturated gore of Italian murder mystery films of the 70s.” 

Concorde was released on September 11 via Lisbon Lux Records. Following an array of singles, live-at-home performances and pushing through all odds of global changes, Le Couleur takes flight with their new release.  The band shared their project with fans in a live format, through a unique, one-time online concert on Thursday, September 17, and a recent chat and performance for RX Music Live.

Le Couleur’s lead vocalist, Laurence Giroux-Do, says of the album: “Objects, pictures, movies and architecture are big influences. Then the story behind this magnificent plane (Concorde) was so easy to talk about. Actually the object itself as well as the tragedy surrounding it inspire us to talk about more tragic situation: Mental illness, sectarian collective suicide, a friend with drugs issues, etc...It quite a dark album now I describe it! But it's never heavy and depressive since it's no personal situation. These stories aren't to free ourself or anything like that. We thought these were good themes to put sounds and images on.”

A rare Franco-Canadian and Montreal-based band with a solid reputation in countries including The United States, Mexico, France and Brazil, Le Couleur wanted to allow it's worldwide fanbase to see them on stage in 2020. In the interim, Le Couleur delivered performances from their At-Home series for Silhouettethe first single from Concorde. The track was inspired by the Day of the Dead, celebrated by many cultures throughout the world, where offerings are made to ancestors, in the hopes of being honoured in return, anchored in memory. The summery, tropical production echoes Le Couleur's love for vintage analog keyboards. Previous live-at-home videos include those for singles, Femme and SilenzioYou can watch the video for Concorde (directed by Ariel Poupart) here.

About Le Couleur
The Montreal trio, created by Laurence Giroux-Do (vocals), Patrick Gosselin (bass), and Steeven Chouinard (drums), and bolstered live by Philippe Beaudin (percussions), JC Tellier (guitars) and Sheenah Ko (keys, vocals) delivers rich and irresistibly danceable performances. Concorde ushers in a new era for Le Couleur. After POP, an album defined by electronic and synthesized sounds, Concorde gets back to basics, recorded live in the studio, an album with a deliberately vintage sound, recalling the golden age of Serge Gainsbourg, ABBA, and even Fleetwood Mac. The term "electro" is no longer part of their pop sound vocabulary. Here, Le Couleur show a highly refined mastery of French chanson, with rich vocal harmonies, while making room for melancholy, sensual, and sometimes epic instrumental passages.

The distinct disco flavour, a hallmark of their sound from the very beginning, is still ever-present. This often lighthearted and danceable musical world is offset by Concorde's lyrics, which tackle death on every track. Whether it's a macabre fantasy based on the infamous Concorde airplane crash, collective suicide, or the Day of the Dead, singer Laurence Giroux-Do turns the taboo subject into crooning pop hymns, treated with perspective over a fleet-footed beat. Concorde is the place where 70s pop, psychedelic soundscapes, and straightforward and uninhibited French chanson come together.

Silhouette (At Home)
Désert (Lyric Video)
Silenzio (At Home)
Femme (At Home)

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