Praise for Moonshine:

“a no-frills, needle-nosed club missile.”

- Rolling Stone, A Song You Need To Know “La Montamos”

“brings that much-needed spirit to our pandemic-stricken world”

- The FADER, 6 Projects You Should Stream Now

“Humble house parties [that] grew into can’t-miss international events” - Complex Canada

"In a city known for great parties, Montreal artist collective
Moonshine has a reputation for throwing some of the best."

NEXT Magazine

"The 19 tracks are a 55 minute journey across continents and genres." - Vancouver Sun

Toronto, ON – July 21, 2021 – Montreal’s Moonshine Collective proudly releases their self-directed and produced video for Malembe,' featuring Pierre Kwenders, Boddhi Satva, and MC Redbul. The newest video comes from their latest album, SMS For Location Vol. 4, a massive collection of songs recorded in studios from Montreal to Lisbon to Kinshasa. It features collaborations with Georgia Anne Muldrow, Sango, Florentino, Ase Manuel, and many others. 

The video is a hybrid live performance video directed by Jessamine Fok (Paper Magazine, Clipped.TV, Toronto Short Film). Moonshine co-founder Pierre Kwenders, takes centre stage on Malembe. Garbed in warm pink hues that match the surrounding temple space, Kwenders commands the room, a master of ceremonies flanked by two dancers. Malembe marks the first collaboration between friends, Pierre Kwenders and Boddhi Satva, who craft a lithe melody that rapidly explodes with heavy bass and commanding vocals. Dropping MC RedBul’s energetic, booming voice into the mix alongside Kwenders’ lyrical resonance turns Malembe into a multi-layered musical conversation fit for pulsing dancefloors.

Watch Malembe here.

“This hybrid live is to that everything done gently gives better results," says Kwenders. "The best way to describe the Malembe feeling and bring out the summer vibes that we’ve been missing.”

From deep underground in Montreal to under the Congo sun, the Moonshine party returns with its Afro-futuristic, bass-heavy, electro-funk sound. A curatoration of Pan-African dance/electronic music, Moonshine’s latest SMS for Location album fuses levity and acumen, inventive electronic production with traditional instrumentation, all the while intensifying a collaboration between artists from around the world. SMS for Location Vol. 4 crosses genres and continents to follow the producers, DJs and MCs from Montreal’s legendary Moonshine parties to underground UK clubs, Parisian Afro-beat soirées to Kinshasa’s booming electronic scene. A month after its release, SMS for Location Vol 4 has drawn international praise from Rolling Stone, The FADER, Complex, Vice France, Exclaim!, Le Monde France, and many others.

Earlier this year, Boiler Room’s Collective TV broadcasted live from Kinshasa, with atmospheric sets by the collective’s co-founder Pierre Kwenders, Congolese band, Kingongolo Kiniata, Congolese Montrealer AKAntu, and more artists. Stay tuned for more Moonshine as the phases wax and wane in the months ahead and learn more about the collective below.

Listen to SMS For Location, Vol. 4

Moonshine -  SMS For Location, Vol. 4 Tracklisting
1. Ginseng (feat Bamao Yendé)
2. Onward (feat. Sango & Georgia Anne Muldrow)
3. Lelo (feat. Sarah Kalume & Uproot Andy)
4. Malembe (feat. Boddhi Satva, Pierre Kwenders & MC RedBul)
5. Tibo Tisipa (feat. MC RedBul)
6. Shunona (feat. DJ P2N & Patrick Strong)
7. Cria (feat. Deekapz)
8. Peter Pan (feat. Andy S & Banga)
9. Moon Girl (feat. Kris The $pirit)
10. are you stoopid (dumb) (Florentino remix) (feat. Nate Husser, Dapapa & Florentino)
11. Woah (feat. Ahadadream)
12. Dragunov (feat. Vanyfox, Commeungrand)
13. Kòmsadwa's Wisdom (Èzili) (feat. Commeungrand)
14. BB CRY (feat. AWWZ)
15. Roller Coaster Love (feat. Ase Manual)
16. La Montamos (feat. Nino Augustine & Uproot Andy)
17. On va deĢcider (feat. Pierre Kwenders & Le Motel)
18. Lelo (Instrumental) (feat. Uproot Andy)
19. Ancestors Dance (Zutzut Remix) (feat. NoKliché, Maître Magellan & Zutzut)

DOWNLOAD – SMS For Location, Vol. 4 Artwork 
DOWNLOAD – Moonshine logo | DOWNLOAD – Moonshine Press Photo


About Moonshine
Depending on whom you ask, the esoteric effects of lunar cycles can be wide-ranging: good fortune, human fertility, ocean tides, werewolf prevalence and loss of sanity among them. For the like-minded musicians, DJs, dancers and visual artists who make up the Moonshine collective, the planetary satellite above all inspires their eponymous monthly event, driven by an inclusive ethos and a shared love for experimentations in dance culture.
Since its founding in 2014, Moonshine has carved out an enviable niche in Montréal’s nightlife milieu by celebrating a wide range of fledgling local talents, championing Afro-futuristic, bass-heavy, electro-funk sounds, and bringing together communities that wouldn’t necessarily cross paths otherwise. As the name indicates, the lunar-based Moonshine recipe has the collective throw an all-night, sensory-soaked party on the Saturday after every full moon in ever-shifting, unpredictable locations across the city, always strictly disclosed via text messages. With fresh cuts supplied by resident DJs Pierre Kwenders, San Farafina, Odile Myrtil and AKantu, visual installations by Boycott, and a slew of live musicians and performers that have included Kaytranada, Dâm-Funk, Le1f, Venus X, DJ Windows 98 (Arcade Fire’s Win Butler), Bambii and Branko, the parties have become a staple of the after-hours scene, in Canada and abroad, with appearances in NYC, LA, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Lisboa, Barcelona and Santiago.

“The essence of Moonshine came out of parties we used to throw in our kitchens,” recalls Kwenders. “We felt like we couldn’t go out and find what we had cooked up in that kitchen. It’s one of the reasons we started Moonshine: to share that with more people who felt just like us, and who didn’t have access to such sounds or vibes.” Still going strong seven years on, Moonshine has also begun making use of the aesthetic, network and structure it established with the parties to promote affiliated artists, expanding its vision from ephemeral moonlit soirées to an expanding catalogue of genre-busting music, art and apparel.
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