Toronto, ON – January 20, 2021 – Today, innovative electro-pop, Canadian artist, Russell Louder, announces their highly-anticipated debut album, Humor, will be released on February 26 via Lisbon Lux Records. After releasing a string of three singles throughout 2019 and 2020 – all appearing on this album – Russell will deliver six new songs for a total of nine immersive tracks. All the tracks showcase Russell’s true lyrical talent with telling stories and are the musical embodiment of the real or fictional characters that populate their imagination. Pre-save Humor here.

Russell shares their thoughts on Humor: “The reason I chose Humor as the title was to use it as this sort of conceptual invitation into the work – because so often I use humor as a disarming method to talk about hard things – I think the role of a title is to be the door that opens people into the work – humor also can have multiple meanings (in bad humor, in good humor, ‘humor me’, etc.) so that gives the listener some agency over what the album means to them. Giving the listener some agency and room to connect with work on their own terms feels really important to me.  I don’t want this album to feel like “I’m telling you something.  here is the message.  I wanted to leave enough open-ended for the listener to feel like they can make their own meaning from it. My favourite work does that.”

Throughout the album Russell talks about memory, grief and identity. They’re interested in exploring and weaving the stories that emerge from those themes to create a liberating experience for the listener. These stories infuse the audience with emotions that are both personal and universal. They describe each song as representing different characters, with some overlapping.

“Some are written in first person and some are witnessing other characters so it’s like the listener can be a character and also on a journey with other characters in the songs. The characters can be developed and formed in the listener’s mind from the feelings described in the songs and the questions being asked in the lyrics,” explains Russell.

Russell’s sound and vocals have often been compared to that of Florence and the Machine, The Eurythmics and London Grammar – and adding their own unique twist, making Russell’s music stand out to be unmistakably their own. Russell’s synth-pop influences on Humor range from Danielle Dax, Gossip, Laurie Anderson and J.M. Jarre, Peter Gabriel, the Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. The tracks on Humor were written over the course of four years (2016-2020) some all at once and others like Outside, were written in stages:

“The first half of Outside was written as an improv track in 2016 and sees a protagonist watching someone lose touch with reality, ‘ripping at the seams’ and turning into a shadow of something they swore they would never become,” shares Russell. “The second half written in 2020 is an incantation from the protagonist to protect and distance themselves from the harm caused.  ‘I can’t stand it anymore, I’m wiping tears from table’.”

It is without doubt this album will take listeners on a journey, both with Russell and then with themselves, as individuals. They deliver electronic music that’s both cerebral and danceable, powerful and vulnerable, draped in complex atmospheres. In a veil of icy sounds and majestic synthesizers, their voice unfolds to dizzying heights, as if to call for hope and reunion. Russell describes their music best by saying, "I make music for dancing and crying."

Stay tuned for more to news to come from Russell in the coming weeks as their debut album release is quickly approaching!

About Russell Louder
Russell Louder is a transgender performance artist, musician and producer based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They exemplify a relentless and nuanced exploration of musical genres – from experimental to dark dance pop – creating a constantly mutating landscape fronted by soaring vocals. 

Russell Louder grew up in Prince Edward Island, pivoting between a rural community of 800 people, and Charlottetown.  Since the age of 17, Russell has pursued a self-directed education, touring both nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist.  In 2017, they self-released their debut EP, Think of Light, which quickly earned praise from THUMP and Exclaim!, amongst others.

So far Russell’s three singles, one of which has reached over 300,000 streams on Spotify (Light Of The Moon), Russell Louder has been described by CBC as "A star in the making". Their debut singles have been featured prominently on CBC Radio 1, 3 and q. Russell was also shortlisted for the 2019 CBC Music SEARCHLIGHT competition – showcasing undiscovered Canadian musicians.

1. Home
2. Cost of Living
3. Light of the Moon
4. Vow
5. Outside
6. Hello Stranger
7. Know the Game
8. Lavender
9. Go Now

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