Toronto, ON – October 31, 2019 – Today, Ontario-based JUNO Award-winning children’s music super-duo, Splash’N Boots, announce the launch of their new release titled, The Big Heart Journey. Set for release on November 5, The Big Heart Journey is made up of 30 ‘Heart Hugs’ – guided, dynamic meditations with a ‘made-for-kids’ spin that encourages movement, dancing and fun energy, all while helping to guide children in becoming more loving, more caring, and more in touch with their own emotions and those of the people they interact with.

Along with meditative programs that can be practiced day-to-day, The Big Heart Journey will offer children a tool to help equip themselves with ways to positively approach difficult topics in their lives, while still assuring they feel loved, and that their feelings are being understood.

"The idea of The Big Heart Jourmey started when I was feeling on the depressed side of life at the beginning of this year,” reflects Taes Leavitt, aka “Boots” of Splash’N Boots. “I called it ‘cloudy’. I wasn't finding joy in things I normally find joy in, I was overwhelmed, I felt very unconnected to myself, so I went on a Big Heart Journey of my own. I started spending more time alone, reading, meditating morning and night, and connecting to myself. I was so amazed at how dramatically my life shifted just by taking control of my mind, that my next project became getting this message to kids and families: introducing The Big Heart Journey! I’m really excited to be able to start children at a really young age to look inside themselves, and know that they can create their own lives by listening to their bodies and their hearts, and by forming deep connections to themselves and the world around them. I also want to be able to provide parents with opportunities to really get to know their children, find out who they are, and form bonds with them that will last their whole lives."

The Big Heart Journey is meant to empower children to feel strong, loved and connected to the world around them. The program will feature 30 tracks and 12 interactive video exercises that can done sometimes alone, sometimes with other people, sometimes lying down and sometimes on your feet dancing! Each track will focus on daily life and can be played together as one exercise Additionally, families who purchase the album will receive three bonus tracks of ‘Mini Journeys for Specific Life Moments’ – which will focus on precise life moments, to use when needed, including divorce and death.

Splash’N Boots rose to prominence in the hearts and minds of families through music, live shows and television. Their music creates family dance parties; it is a soundtrack to bedtimes, mealtime and all moments in between. Since their inception, Splash’N Boots have released twelve original music albums, resulting in five consecutive JUNO Award nominations for Children’s Album of the Year between 2014 and 2018. Their most recent album, You, Me and the Sea, co-written and produced by Alan Doyle, won the 2019 JUNO Award for Children’s Album of the Year.

On television, they appear daily in over 8.5 million homes across Canada with their number one TV show, which is broadcast daily on Canada’s top children’s television networks, Treehouse TV and Disney Jr. Canada, as well as the worldwide streaming platform Kidoodle, garnering over 1 million views in the first 6 months on the platform. Splash’N Boots are committed to using their voice to raise awareness for important causes. They are the first children's act to partner with PLUS1 - $1 from every ticket sold in their cross-Canada 2018 tour went to support access to music education and adaptive instruments for young children via MusiCounts.

The duo recently wrapped up their You Me And The Sea tour that took them along the Labradorian coast, and are gearing up for more exciting news to come in the new year – stay tuned!

1. Big Heart Journey
2. Where does My Heart Live?
3. Big Heart Pledge
4. Perfect Day Starter
5. Its ok to Stop and Sit
6. Flying Heart
7. Eating, with Chef Brock-Lee
8. Friends with Feelings
9. OhMy
10. At the Movies
11. Love Shower, with Jumping Jack Granny!
12. Talk to Charlie
13. I Love You Most: A Heart Hug Game
14. Strong Tree (for when someone is being unkind)
15. Body Swap (for when you are being unkind)
16. Heart Beats (for when you want to dance)
17. Anger (for when you feel angry)
18. Laughing
19. Butterfly Breath
20 Bumblebee (for when you feel anxious)
21. Scare-cited (for when you feel scared and excited at the same
22. Happiness Tank
24. Heartstrings (for when you miss someone)
25. Home: A Heart Hug for the Family
26. Family Heart Beats (for when you want to dance with your family)
27. Filled with Thanks
28. Goodnight, Boot (for when it’s time to sleep)
29. Bedtime (for when it’s really time to sleep)
30. Goodnight, Loves (feat. Leonita)
Bonus tracks (emailed on purchase) – Mini Journeys for Specific Life Moments
31. The Seed (for when someone dies)
32. Divorce (for if your parents decide to not be married)
33. A meditation for Parents

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