TORONTO, ON – February 24, 2023 – Today, Chilean born, Montreal based producer, Das Mörtal, returns to the scene with his new synthwave-techno single, WASTED, via Lisbon Lux Records. The track is the first release from Das Mörtal’s third and upcoming full-length, due out later this year. WASTED marks new territory for the producer, with more of an urban emo, dark and slow atmosphere and less of his signature dancefloor feel. Listen to WASTED here and watch its accompanying visualizer from artist Guillaume Vallée, here.
WASTED is a song that relates to the fear and mental block of Das Mörtal during the pandemic, when the impression of doing nothing was omnipresent. As heard in the track: "I've been wasting my time, doing nothing at all, I lost my day.”
Das Mörtal expands on the single: “WASTED is the first single taken form my forthcoming album, which unlike the two previously released ones, will be more personal thematically. This track came about when I was trying to produce more music during the pandemic but, mentally being unable to sit in front of my workstation, thus feeling remorse for wasting valuable time.”
Das Mörtal's previous music was based on imaginary narratives that acted as soundtracks to non-existent films whereas his new album is more personal and about the struggle of actually making it. 

"That it just exists... I’ve never been the kind of person that constantly produces and ends up with 50 demos per year,” Das Mörtal says. “I’ve always worked at home because it’s the only environment I really enjoy. I’ve recorded more vocals than ever on this album though. Nothing too deep, because I like when vocals are more of a layer or an instrument rather than a narrative for the listener to pay attention to.”

Stay tuned as Das Mörtal’s sound expands this year and his new album unfolds. 

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About Das Mörtal:
Das Mörtal began his career in Berlin, inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer creates an obscure and nostalgic sound, mixing influences from German techno to horror and science fiction film soundtracks. 2014 was an exciting year for Das Mörtal. In addition to composing the music for the film Naissance d’un Zombie, he launched Hotline Miami II on Lisbon Lux Records. That year he also participated in Osheaga (CA), the MEG Festival (CA) and the FME (CA), Les Transmusicales (FR) all while taking part in two European tours supporting Perturbator. In June 2017, Das Mörtal released his first album, Always Loved, which sold vinyl in more than 20 countries. The album features a furious, passionate and melancholic story, with a nod to Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre and Boards of Canada. Always Loved is a contemporary romance with lots of intensity that is underscored by a panoply of synthesizers crisscrossing the paths of synthwave, new wave and techno. With performances that include duets with Canadians Ghost Twin and French Fox, the album received international acclaim that allowed Das Mörtal to headline his first US tour. In April 2019, he released a deluxe edition of his EP Hotline Miami II, which now has more than 8 million plays on streaming platforms. Released in October 2020, Miami Beach Witches (Das Mörtal’s second full length) showed the artist’s new vision, where the neon lights, beaches and uplifting beats of classic acts such as  Miami Sound Machine met the sensibilities of the goth/emo music of Depeche Mode.