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Toronto, ON – November 3, 2022 – Today, Montreal’s JUNO Award-nominated, Moonshine Collective, announce their new album, SMS For Location, Vol. 5, set to release December 2 in partnership with FORESEEN Entertainment. Under flashing club lights in the world’s biggest cities or under the Congo sun, Moonshine collective pushes past borders and boundaries to radiate its Afrocentric, bass-heavy, electro-funk sound in all directions. The label’s latest SMS for Location mixtape fuses levity and acumen, inventive electronic production with traditional instrumentation, in a collaborative harmony between artists from around the globe. Pre-save the album here. A pre-release pack is also available via their signature 'SMS' text message format for which they are known.Text +1 514.612.4859 to access the music.

"For volume 5, we stayed true to the philosophy of the SMS For Location series. We worked with artists who understand the importance of the magic of the dancefloor while trying to create a musical link between all the musical movements we love," says Moonshine Collective."And, in our eyes, from this point of view, it is certainly our most complete project to date."

The next singles will arrive on November 16 and include Ofele (remix), featuring Moonshine member and 2022 Polaris Music Prize-winner, Pierre Kwenders, Uproot Andy, MC Azas) and Pink, featuring Kris the $pirit. 

Moonshine Collective teased the project back in June with Obomi Nga (pronounced OH - BO - MING - GAH). The track highlights frequent collaborator, Brooklyn producer/DJ, Uproot Andy, and Kinshasa's MC Redbul with a feature from MC Azas. Composed and recorded between Kinshasa, Montreal and New York, Obomi Nga is an amapiano-flavoured tune grounded in its bassline, percussive rhythm and call-and-response lyrics in Lingala and French that is set for dance floors worldwide, be it your own, or those Moonshine is currently rocking on tour - listen to Obomi Nga, and read the lyrics

SMS For Location, Vol. 5  follows their celebrated 2021 album, SMS For Location Vol. 4, nominated for a 2022 JUNO Award (Global Music Album of the Year). The project is a massive collection of songs recorded in studios from Montreal to Lisbon to Kinshasa. It features collaborations with Georgia Anne Muldrow, Sango, Florentino, Ase Manuel, and many others. Listen here

Vol. 4 highlight, Ginseng (Zaïre Space Program episode 1) was filmed with Congolese artist collective FARATA in a township of Kinshasa, and directed by award-winning Congolese director Nizar Saleh Mohamed - who will be featured on SMS For Location, Vol. 5 -  with co-direction by Moonshine’s Pierre Kwenders and Hervé "Coltan" Kalongo. It was filmed in one of the artist’s neighbourhoods to depict the reality Kinshasa life in Kinshasa, capturing the local response as the crew walk through the city donning vibrant costumes that weave together transformation and tradition. 

Stay tuned for more Moonshine as the phases wax and wane in the months ahead and learn more about the collective below.

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About Moonshine
Depending on whom you ask, the esoteric effects of lunar cycles can be wide-ranging: good fortune, human fertility, ocean tides, werewolf prevalence and loss of sanity among them. For the like-minded musicians, DJs, dancers and visual artists who make up the Moonshine collective, the planetary satellite above all inspires their eponymous monthly event, driven by an inclusive ethos and a shared love for experimentations in dance culture.
Since its founding in 2014, Moonshine has carved out an enviable niche in Montréal’s nightlife milieu by celebrating a wide range of fledgling local talents, championing Afro-electronic, bass-heavy sounds, and bringing together communities that wouldn’t necessarily cross paths otherwise. As the name indicates, the lunar-based Moonshine recipe has the collective throw an all-night, sensory-soaked party on the Saturday after every full moon in ever-shifting, unpredictable locations across the city, always strictly disclosed via text messages. With fresh cuts supplied by resident DJs Pierre Kwenders, San Farafina, Vanyfox and AKantu, close friends such as Bambii, Foreigner, and Uproot Andy, visual installations, musicians, and a slew of live musicians and performers that have included Kaytranada, Dâm-Funk, Le1f, Venus X, and Branko, the parties have become a staple of the after-hours scene, in Canada and abroad, with appearances in NYC, LA, Paris, Brussels, Lisboa, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Santiago to name a few.

The essence of Moonshine came out of parties we used to throw in our kitchens,” recalls Kwenders. “We felt like we couldn’t go out and find what we had cooked up in that kitchen. It’s one of the reasons we started Moonshine: to share that with more people who felt just like us, and who didn’t have access to such sounds or vibes.” 

Still going strong four years on, Moonshine has also begun making use of the aesthetic, network and structure it established with the parties to promote affiliated artists, expanding its vision from ephemeral moonlit soirées to an expanding catalog of genre-busting music, art and apparel.
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