Toronto, ON – April 29, 2021 – Today, innovative electro-pop, Canadian artist, Russell Louder, releases the official video for powerful lead single, Home, off their debut album, Humor (February 2021). Directed by Bobby Leon, the video was filmed outdoors just outside of Montreal, near Bobby’s family cottage – a stunning and scenic backdrop for the video. Viewers will find themselves entranced by the way the music and video perfectly match and complement each other. Once again, Russell takes people on journey through a visual and musical performance – this time sharing their idea of “Home.” Watch the full video here.

Russell shares, “When Bobby and I discussed the video in the early plotting stages, it became really apparent that we both wanted to create something in liminal space – sort of between day and night, depicting an ambiguous journey through the countryside.  'Home' is an enigmatic idea to me – it's something I carry with me, yet something I spend my whole life trying to find.”  

The video is a true work of art and beauty, carefully thought out and crafted by Russell and Bobby. It was clear upon meeting they both had similar visions for the video, making for an instant connection creatively.

“Conceptually, Bobby and I met for the first time and instantly clicked. It was super clear that we spoke the same artistic language and worked in a similar way,” Russell continues. “We played catch with a few aesthetic references (mostly design work) and when we felt we had a strong core, Bobby and I started thinking wardrobe. Lathe, the stylist for the video brought forward this full-on reflective outfit that became the aesthetic anchor of the concept.  The video was filmed outside at Bobby's family cottage outside of Montreal.  We kept the crew super small (to keep everything as covid-safe as possible).”

Embark on new journey with Russell and follow them “Home”.

About Russell Louder
Russell Louder is a transgender performance artist, musician and producer based in both Montreal, Quebec and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They exemplify a relentless and nuanced exploration of musical genres – from experimental to dark dance pop – creating a constantly mutating landscape fronted by soaring vocals.

 Russell Louder grew up in Prince Edward Island, pivoting between a rural community of 800 people, and Charlottetown.  Since the age of 17, Russell has pursued a self-directed education, touring both nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist.  In 2017, they self-released their debut EP, Think of Light, which quickly earned praise from THUMP and Exclaim!, amongst others.

So far Russell’s three singles, one of which has reached over 300,000 streams on Spotify (Light Of The Moon), Russell Louder has been described by CBC as "A star in the making". Their debut singles have been featured prominently on CBC Radio 1, 3 and q. Russell was also shortlisted for the 2019 CBC Music SEARCHLIGHT competition – showcasing undiscovered Canadian musicians.

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